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The Consumer Guide to the Maternity Services in Ireland is based on a comprehensive survey of the 22 maternity units/hospitals in Ireland, conducted by Cuidiú in 2011.

The Guide presents you with all the information you need in a consumer-friendly format. Find out all you need to know about your care during pregnancy, labour and birth, and after your baby is born. It includes maternity care, services, policies and practises and a section with 'Frequently Asked Questions' on all aspects of maternity care such as:

  • When can I expect to have my first antenatal visit?
  • Is there a birthing pool in my local maternity unit?
  • Will I be shown how to care for my baby while I'm staying in the postnatal ward?

And answers to many more questions you may have about, the maternity services available to you in Ireland.

You will also find a link to Antenatal Ireland on the guide web site. Antenatal Ireland are the Cuidiú-registered antenatal teachers throughout Ireland who work through Cuidiú.

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